Top Universities In The World

Most students wish to study in the top universities across the world. Along with providing the best academic facilities including research, these universities also provide a complete experience for the students. Therefore, they look for the best universities across the world to fulfill their dreams. However, the ranking of universities may differ with each passing year as every university is trying its best to excel.

The total number of universities in the world has become huge, making it daunting for students to choose the best one. Here is a list of universities that are top in terms of academic excellence and reputation. Studying in these universities takes you halfway to your door to academic and career success.


  • Harvard University

Harvard is the oldest educational institution in America. About 20% of the total international students are studying at the university. Harvard is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, however, it also has a Medical School near Boston. Harvard is known to have the world’s largest endowment compared to all schools. The research wing of Harvard has numerous disciplines and takes place in more than 100 centers.

  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Or MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is near Boston. The university has over 11,000 students and 60% of them are at the graduate level. This university has five different departments – engineering; architecture and planning; management; humanities, arts, and social science; and science. MIT uses English as the instruction language.

  • Stanford University

Stanford University is located in the Bay Area of California, which is near San Francisco. The university’s majority of students are at graduate levels. It has seven schools and a good number of them are well-known for the graduate-level studies they provide. Three schools of the university offer graduate and undergraduate degrees.

  • University Of California Berkeley

University of California Berkeley is located in the Bay Area, near San Francisco. It is a public university, which is also called Cal or Berkeley. Around 70% of the students in the university are undergraduate level. The University of California Berkeley has 14 schools and colleges and some of them are highly ranked. It follows a semester-based academic calendar.

  • University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford has a history that dates back to 1906. This university is situated in London. About 45% of the Oxford University students are graduates and more than half of the graduate students of the university do research as a part of academics. There are four academic divisions for the research wing at the University of Oxford.

  • University Of Washington Seattle


The University of Washington Seattle is situated in Seattle and is a public university. The university also has two small campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. The majority of the students of the university are undergraduate level. However, a big part of the university offers over 370 programs at the undergraduate level. A non-resident of Washington State has to pay higher tuition fees. Both graduate and undergraduate-level students get university housing.